Saturday, October 18, 2008

Omar/Full Immersion Spanish/Matt Lavine/Sunday Forecast

Omar is now just a remnant low in the Atlantic. There are a couple areas of disturbed weather in the Caribbean and the central Atlantic, but nothing to write home about. So at least for now, our statistics of no storms for Texas after October 17th is holding.

The weather in Houston was sunny and dry today...just delightful. Look for a repeat performance on Sunday. Lows will be in the 50s and highs will be in the low 80s. Conroe did drop to 49 early today and should make it to the 40s again on Sunday morning.

Since it was so sunny today, that will be our word--sunny or soleado, pronounced sew-lay-AH-do. The little girl said my favorite weather is soleado weather.

I went to the Texas Foreign Language Association conference at what used to be the Wyndham Hotel at Greenspoint. Now, Hilton has taken it over. I enjoyed seeing all the vendors, especially Dolo Publications with Patti Lozano. That is one of our sales partners. Patti and her mom, Renate have such an interesting story. Renate is originally from Austria and is fluent in German. As a youngster she moved to Brazil and learned Portugese. Then at 14, she moved to the United States and learned Spanish. I assume she learned English early on as she is quite fluent. Her daughter Patti also learned Spanish and ended up marrying an industrious man from Mexico. She helped him learn English. Patti and her husband have 3 talented sons, 2 of whom I met today. The ones I met are also into music. You see Patti teaches language using songs. Renate helps with the German teaching work. You can see their products at

I also met the folks from Carlex. They said our DVD is selling well. Hip! Hip! Hooray!!!

You also might be interested to know about one teacher I met. She teaches high school Spanish. Well, she told me our product was too easy for her 4 year old who is already speaking in Spanish sentences. So, I gave her our English teaching version--the Aprendamos one and said that she could use that as a full immersion product as the native language of it is Spanish. She was so excited about that.

Our introductory award winning Spanish DVD is available through,,,,,,, and Volume 1 of the Frank and Paco series is a Dr. Toy Top 10 Educational Product for 2008.

Checked in with Matt Lavine. He was all set to work for CW again tonight! He had already had a busy day running his little girls to a festival. Oh yes, I remember when going to work was the easier part of the day. I think every parent gets that. Parenting--the toughest job you'll ever love and be going crazy over at the same time.

Have a happy Sunday everyone!
Cecilia Sinclair
Wonder Weather Woman

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