Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Hurricane Norbert/News on a Weather Celebrity/100 blogs

First of all, this is my 101st blog! I forgot to mention yesterday was my 100th blog. Okay...everyone sing. Happy 100th blog to me, Happy 100th blog to me...hey, who's singing out of key?

Well, anyway, I'm having fun and I hope you keep coming back for more. Today's weather was definitely Chamber of Commerce, made to order. Tomball, Conroe and Huntsville all dipped into the 40s this morning. And almost everyone else was in the 50s. Look for a repeat performance on Thursday. Humidity starts returning on Friday and in a big way by Sunday. Next front approaches early in the coming week...slightly increasing our rain chances. But, it is beginning to look like the front won't make don't get too used to wearing those extra jackets...not just yet.

Hurricane Norbert is making headlines!!! It's off the coast of Mexico and moving away from Mexico. What's the big deal? Well to begin with, it is a Category 4 hurricane with 135 mph winds. But more importantly the ridge over Mexico and then in a few days our next approaching upper trough and associated surface front could steer it across the Baja Peninsula and into Mexico with the remnants moving into west Texas early next week. Historically, this is not unprecedented. In fact, there have been some major floods in places like the Texas Hill Country from storms like these. So, will track that. I put this afternoon's National Hurricane Center forecast track on the right.

Some interesting information about Tropical Marco. It was fact the smallest tropical storm ever. Do you remember that very strong but very small Hurricane Bret which hit the King Ranch? Marco was less than half the size of that. Wow!!!

In honor of Marco, today's word will be tiny or diminuto, pronounced dee-mee-noo-toe. My Mom keeps telling me to put the accented syllable in caps. I don't always know which one it is. So, if you know, leave me a comment and I will mention it in the next day's blog.

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A little birdie told me that one of Houston's favorite and long-lived TV meteorologists will be reprising that role, no, it's not me. But coming up soon, I'll let you know who it is and where you can catch the broadcasts.

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Have a great Thursday!
Cecilia Sinclair
Wonder Weather Woman

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