Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Some run to run consistency on Hurricane Ike


Some run to run consistency now from the models...for about 3 runs, not much change. So there is evidence here that things are settling down...that the models are getting a better handle on what Ike will do. Most still showing that Ike will hit between Matagorda Bay and Corpus Christi early on Saturday.

HURRICANE FORCE WINDS EXTEND OUTWARD UP TO 35 MILES...55 KM...FROMTHE CENTER...AND TROPICAL STORM FORCE WINDS EXTEND OUTWARD UP TO 175MILES...280 KM. So the hurricane force winds have contracted a bit, but I expect that range to increase later today. Notice that the tropical storm force winds are quite a ways out from the center. This is a big storm and it will probably get bigger over the Gulf. It is forecast to be a major hurricane at landfall.

So, suppose that it hits Matagorda. What can we expect in the Houston area if that happens...high surf...some coastal flooding especially west end Galveston Island, Bolivar Peninsula, points along Galveston Bay. For more on flooding, be sure to check the Houston NWS site...look at the Local Storm Report. See my link to the right. We can expect some storm squalls with high wind...for areas southwest of Houston (Brazoria, Wharton, Galveston)...some winds up to hurricane force are possibly. Ft. Bend County would be give or take...maybe 60...certainly still warrants picking up objects in your yard...maybe nail those loose fenceposts. We could have some power outages...1 to 2 days are possible especially southwest of Houston.

Don't forget that storm bands can produce tornadoes. Be sure to check out that reinforced interior location in your home...interior bathrooms are ideal.

Don't forget that we could have heavy rain with flooding. The safest place (unless you are told to leave) will be in your home. This does not include coastal residents who may still be advised to leave. Follow all evacuation orders.

All that being said...a Matagorda landfall would still be much better than a west Galveston Island landfall. Remember, THAT THIS IS STILL NOT CERTAIN and you should be vigilant about monitoring reports and you should still prepare as if the hurricane is coming here.

More to come on this.

Since flooding may be the worst of what we get from Ike, I thought the word for the day should be flooding...inundaciones...pronounced n-oon-dah-see-own-s.

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My buddy Lew Fincher is walking encylopedia of information about hurricanes. He has appeared locally and nationally to share his expertise. If you company needs advice on how to prepare and what is happening, check out his web site:

Be safe everyone. I'll have another update later.

Cecilia Sinclair
Wonder Weather Woman

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