Thursday, September 18, 2008

Our Tenuous Situation After Hurricane Ike

Centerpoint is reporting 43% with power as of noon today (the 18th). Their target for "substantial" return of power was today at 2 pm. They are making slow but steady progress...yesterday the number was 39%. I also have noticed that other power suppliers in southeast Texas are making progress as well.

In my area, the subdivision across the street and up a ways is still without power. As I drove down Highway 6 last night (looking for gas for my husband's car), I could see that several subdivisions and strip centers still had no power. Meanwhile, being able to get gas has been touch and go. As reported yesterday, I was able to get gas somewhat easily yesterday morning. But I went to 7 places last night trying to do the same for our other car. I had told my husband to take my car to work as it uses less gas and had a full tank. I went to many of the same places, but all were without gas. Finally, a little after 10 pm, I found one place that still had gas and wasn't dealing with severely long lines.

Grocery supplies are a little bit better here in the suburbs. In Houston, options are still very limited. I am warning my friends to stock up before getting home. I also told them to try to come into town with as full a tank of gas as possible.

Humidity is increasing. But there has been a merciful cloud cover on and off today. Did some more babysitting and we had a nice time at the park. I am concerned as there will be more humidity and higher temperatures in the days to come. Over the weekend, it will hit 90 in a few places. Although there could be a hit or miss shower, the next best shot at rain doesn't come until the end of next week as the next front approaches. That weekend should be pleasant.

In the eastern Caribbean (over the Lesser Antilles), there is an area of disturbed weather which has the potential to organize when it gets into the central Caribbean in a couple days. This one could become a depression. Of course, I'll keep an eye it for you. Maybe this will be Kyle. Checking out the long range steering environment, I am hopeful that it will be forced to move to another location besides here.

Because the humidity is increasing, I thought we could do the word humid -- húmedo pronounced oo-may-dough. It sure is húmedo outside.

The mayor of Houston says residents no longer need to boil their water. And the Starbucks at Dulles and Highway 6 is stepdaughter was so happy about that. If you had Starbucks withdrawal, raise your hand. I hope no one minds my silliness sometimes. There is just so much bad news...we need to remember normal things which made us happy.

Take care everyone and be safe.
Cecilia Sinclair
Wonder Weather Woman

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