Sunday, September 21, 2008

Hurricane Ike Recovery - Getting Tedious and Hot

First of all, how about some good news for us? That area of disturbed weather in the eastern Caribbean is moving to the north-northwest and all indications (models/steering environment) strongly suggest that the system will move over Puerto Rico and toward the Bahamas...very likely even missing the east coast. It is getting better organized and will probably become a tropical depression today.

Other than that, nice and quiet in the tropics!

Still, it is warm/hot and muggy again. And now, the return to power has slowed because the work is becoming more small scale as power is returned block by block. As I write this, the Sunday report is not yet available. The latest report from Centerpoint Energy is that as of noon Saturday, 54% have power.

Here is the link:

Here is some more good news...looks like that back door cold front may arrive a few days early...around mid-week. Don't get too just looks like we'll have a slight dip in humidity. But hey, that's better than no dip. Also, I don't think it will be quite so hot. Sunday through Tuesday will be the warmest days of the week. Today's highs will make it to 90 in spots.

Today's word is air conditioning -- aire acondicionado pronounced eye-ray ah-cone-dih-see-oh-nah-doe. Oh, I love that term...just rolls off the tongue.


Several campuses still have no power as of 12:30 pm on Saturday. So the plan is NO SCHOOL for these sites. But you never know if there could be a change today, so be sure to check the Fort Bend ISD web site:

Here is the list of schools which will NOT be open on Monday.

Campuses with NO POWER are: Arizona Fleming, Briargate, Dulles, E.A. Jones, Lantern Lane, Lexington Creek, and Ridgegate Elementary; also Sugar Land Middle, Quail Valley Middle, Missouri City Middle, Christa McAuliffe Middle, First Colony Middle, and Dulles Middle; also Dulles High, Hightower High, Progressive High, and Willowridge High Schools.

For Galveston, the phased return plan has been scrapped. Now residents will be allowed to come back on Wednesday. Starting on Wednesday at 6 am, those whose homes are "habitable" can come back to stay. Others can return, but they will have to leave.

Well stay cool everyone and be safe!
Cecilia Sinclair
Wonder Weather Woman

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