Tuesday, September 16, 2008

35% have power back after Hurricane Ike

Hurricanes and Weather

This is taking a long time! The good news is that more help for the electric folks is arriving every day. Now, the outage percentage is 65%. See the latest graphic to the right. Maybe someone could shed some light on this...is it a linear relationship or does it get become exponentially more difficult to restore energy as you get into more populated areas? Just wondering.

The weather sure was pleasant today. We had some friends (without electricity) stay overnight and watched their kids all day while they did some work at their home. We had such a great time at the park and hanging out with the neighbor's kids outside. We even opened our windows even though we are lucky enough to have power.

Groceries are still sometimes hard to come by. We go through milk like water. So my neighbor volunteered to pick us up a gallon...no luck where they tried. Gas lines are long in most places. Everyone should try to conserve.

Another pleasant day on the way for Wednesday. Checked on this morning's lows...Huntsville had 56 and Sugar Land had 62. But I couldn't check too many spots because many of the weather stations were knocked out of commission by Ike.

Humidity levels begin rising on Thursday. Please try to help out a neighbor or friend by offering your home for a/c and power. We all need to reach out to help each other right now.

Let's do electricity...electricidad -- pronounced eh-lehc-tree-see-dahd. I can't wait for the return of the electricidad.

Round of appreciative applause for the garbage collection folks...they looked like they were running half staff and picking up 3 to 4 times as much trash. I gave our's a big thank you today!!!

Be safe and hang in there everyone!
Cecilia Sinclair
Wonder Weather Woman


Linda Rosas said...

Oh yes, we got our power back on this afternoon, I am not sure if it was because my granddaughter Courtney is on the critical care list or not. Our water here in the City of South Houston has been running at just a trickle but when the power came on we now have full pressure again. I ran to start the washing machine to wash some of Courtney's face cloths that we use to catch her secretions with, we usually use about thirty a day. Hope everyone will have power soon, but in the meantime this cool weather has surely been heaven sent!

WonderWeatherWoman said...

Linda -
My prayers are with you and Courtney as you await the full return of water and supplies. God bless you and the care you give!